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Protected whistleblowing

Protected whistleblowing is reporting that communicates reasonable suspicion or knowledge that a felony or other impermissible action has been committed, is being committed or is likely to be committed, which felony or action would harm or endanger the public interest.

The whistleblower is provided with protection pursuant to the Law on protection of whistleblowers, and the whistleblower is guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality up to the degree and time requested by the whistleblower.

Official authorized for protected whistleblowing:

Tomica Mladenovski
Assistant Head of Sector for finances and budget,
within the Agency for real estate cadastre

Telephone:(02) 3204-803

Law on protection of whistleblowers

Rulebook on protected whistleblowing in public sector institutions

Decision on appointment of person authorized for reception of reports submitted for protected whistleblowing