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Personal data protection policy

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (hereinafter referred to as:AREC) within its scope of work and for the purpose of performing its basic activity in the domain of gathering, processing, maintenance, management, use, distribution, issuance and unique approach to real estate cadastre data gathers, stores and processes personal data.

AREC, from the aspect of protection of personal data processing, is the Personal Data Controller, whereas the natural persons and legal entities who visit the website and web portals which are integral part of this website are Personal Data Subjects.

The enclosed Personal Data Protection Policy explains how we use your personal data generated on this website.Personal Data Protection Policy regulates the right to privacy and safety of personal data subject to processing.Personal Data Protection Policy refers to website.

This Policy also refers and applies to all our domains and sub-domains and appears at the bottom of the website.

The publications in the Personal Data Protection Policy can be amended and any amendment will be recorded.

We invite you to review the Personal Data Protection Policy always when you visit our website, in order to find out the latest changes referring to the use of your personal data.

The gathering of personal data on this website is in line with the personal data protection regulations and in line with the regulations of the Law on Real Estate Cadastre (hereinafter referred to as:LREC).

Information gathering

Personal data voluntarily submitted by our visitors:name, surname, mailing address, contact telephone number and e-mail address are gathered and used in order to meet your requests for information or services offered by the website of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre for different types of service use via web portals presenting integral part of this website.

The Agency gathers and processes personal data in accordance with the Law on Real Estate Cadastre.

Personal data will be stored in a form which allows identification of the Personal Data Subject as long as necessary for meeting the goals for which the data were collected for further processing after which they will be deleted and destroyed. 

Protection of your account

Your password is your account key. Your username and password should be different and you should be the only one who knows them. If your username is identical to your password, your identity could be easily used for any activities on the website.

Use numbers, letters and special signs and do not reveal your password to anyone.

If you lose control of your password, you also lose control of your personal data and you may be a subject to legally performed activities on your behalf. Therefore, if your password is compromised out of any reason inform us immediately and change the password. 
Cookes / Tracking technology

This website may use cookies and tracking technologies depending on the offered forms. Cookies and tracking technologies are useful for gathering information such as type of browser and operating system, monitoring the number of people visiting the website and use of the website by the visitors. Cookies also contribute to improvement of the website and adjusting thereof to the needs of the users. Personal data cannot be collected via Cookies. 

Obligation for confidentiality and personal data protection

Your personal data are safe from loss, destruction, forgery and unauthorized access. Such information can be accessed only by authorized employees.

Personal data transmission is protected by using appropriate methods which make them unreadable during the transmission and protected from any risk and nature of the data being transmitted.

All technical and organizational measures for personal data protection will be taken for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access and misuse of personal data. 
Personal data subject rights

When gathering data from the Personal Data Subject, he/she must be informed on:

  • identity of the controller and his/her authorized representative in Republic of North Macedonia, if there is any;
  • processing purposes;
  • personal data users or user categories;
  • obligation to answer questions including personal data;
  • possible consequences when answer is not given; and
  • existence of right to access and correction of personal data;

When data are not gathered from the Personal Data Subject,at the time of recording personal data and when it is planned personal data to be disclosed to a third party no later than the time when the data are disclosed for the first time, AREC must inform the Personal Data Subject on:

  • identity of the controller and his/her authorized representative in Republic of North Macedonia, if there is any;
  • processing purposes;
  • data categories;
  • personal data users or user categories; and
  • existence of the right to access and correction of data referring to the Personal Data Subject.

AREC is not obliged to inform the Personal Data Subject on the processing of personal data for historical, scientific or statistical purposes, if:

  • that is impossible or requires inadequate efforts or expenses; or
  • data collection i.e. disclosure is stipulated by law.

Limitation of the rights of the personal data subject

The rights of the Personal Data Subject determined in the previous items can be limited in special cases when practicing thereof jeopardizes the realization of AREC obligations stipulated by law, in the following cases:

  • protection of the country’s safety and defence;
  • disclosure and pursuing perpetrators of criminal acts;
  • protection from violation of ethical rules of particular profession;
  • protection of important economic or financial interests of the country;
  • protection of important economic or financial interests of the European Union; and
  • protection of the rights and freedoms of the Personal Data Subject or rights of other natural persons.

AREC will not act upon the request for submission of information on personal data processing by the Personal Data Subject if authorized pursuant to the law and if personal data are processed strictly in scientific research or gathered solely for determined statistical purposes and kept for a period not exceeding the period needed for the sole purpose of creating statistical data.

Subject request for information

Personal Data Subject may request from AREC to provide the following information:

  • whether his/her personal data are being processed;
  • goals and legal basis for personal data processing and users or user categories to whom personal data are being disclosed;
  • personal data related to the Personal Data Subject and data source; and
  • logic of automatic processing in the event of decision made on the basis of automatic processing which affects the Personal Data Subject.

There is a special Form for such purpose, as well as Request for submission of information for personal data processing (Annex 1) posted on AREC website.

Personal Data Subject can submit the Request to AREC, after which it will be forwarded to the Personal Data Protection Officer who gathers the necessary information for processing the personal data of the subject and submitting response to the Request.

AREC is responsible to respond to the properly submitted request by the Personal Data Subject within 15 days as of the day of receiving thereof.

If AREC responded once to such request submitted by the Personal Data Subject, it will not be obliged to respond to the same or similar request made by such Subject if there are no changes in his/her personal data in the meantime, unless six months have passed from the day of submitting the previous request and the day of submitting the new request.

Annex no. 1 – Request for access to and correction of personal data