Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Personal data protection policy


The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (hereinafter referred to as AREC) takes all necessary technical and organizational measures for protection from unauthorized access and use of the personal data of their users and entities for which it keeps/processes data, as follows: legal regulation and bylaws referring to personal data protection, Rulebook on technical and organizational measures for ensuring confidentiality and protection of AREC personal data processing and other documents adopted in this area.

Personal data processing and use

  • AREC takes measures for confidentiality and protection of personal data by applying technical and organizational measures which ensure:
    • confidentiality – protection of information from unauthorized disclosure and access;
    • integrity – ensuring accuracy and expediency of information and methods of processing thereof;
    • availability – ensuring authorized users to have access to information and information systems when necessary.
  • Personal data are collected for particular, clear and legally determined goals and are processed in accordance with such goals;
  • AREC will provide personal data for usage to competent bodies stipulated by law;
  • Processing of personal identification number of the entity for practicing rights and obligations and personal data of the entity stipulated by law and in other cases determined in the Law on Real Estate Cadastre;
  • Publishing the personal identification number of a citizen only in accordance with the legal regulations;

Entities for which AREC keeps personal data have the right to inspect and correct the personal data processed by AREC.

Protection from misuse

AREC takes all necessary technical and organizational measures for protection of personal data from unauthorized access and misuse thereof by conducting regular controls and using the latest technological mechanisms and achievements in this area.

Personal Data Protection Officer – Petar Sibinovski – tel.:075402908, e-mail