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Economic commission for Europe of United Nations (UNECE)Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA)UNECE was established in 1947 for the purpose of promoting the European Economic Integration. It includes 56 member states from Europe, North America and Asia, while more than 70 international organizations participate in its activities. It carries out its work through: the “Committee for Housing and Land Management” (CHLM) and the “Working Party on Land Administration” (WPLA).

The main objectives of the Working Party on Land Administration are the promotion and improvement of land management, support to the security of real estate, improvement and creation of more efficient land registers and promotion of sustainable land use policies. A “Management Board” was formed within its framework, consisting of 13 members, representatives of the national agencies for Cadastre, mapping and registration of real estate. In March 2017, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia became an equal member of the Working Party on Land Administration, with its own representative in the Management Board.

The activities of the “Board” are focused on the international exchange of knowledge in the field of land administration and real estate management. With its work, it contributes to the improvement of land management in the region of Europe and East Asia, as well as in the realization of the needs and priorities of the land administration in the region.