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European REference Framework (EUREF) – the European Reference Framework is a subcommittee of the International Association of Gedesy (IAG), founded in 1987 at a general meeting of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), held in Vancouver. It is responsible for defining, implementing and maintaining the European geodetic reference framework (the geodetic reference infrastructure for multinational projects requiring precise geo-positioning).

The basic competences of EUREF are:

  • Establishment and maintenance of the European terrestrial reference system ETRS89 and the European vertical reference system EVRS;
  • Promotion and support in the process of putting the ETRS89 and EVRS systems into use in partner countries;

Development and maintenance of the network of permanent GNSS stations EPN (EUREF – GNSS Permanent Network).

European Permanent GNSS stations network (EPN) the European Permanent GNSS Stations Network is an association that includes more than 100 agencies, universities and research institutions from over 30 European countries. The data from the EPN network, obtained from more than 200 permanent GNSS stations, provide the self-maintenance of the ETRS89 coordinate system, but are also used for a wide range of scientific applications, such as monitoring the deformations of the earth’s crust, the sea level, and the like.

The permanent GNSS station in Ohrid has been part of the EPN network since 1998 when it functioned as an individual GNSS station, and since 2008 it is part of the MAKPOS system.