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European Position Determination System EUPOS – the European Positioning System is an international non-profit initiative of public institutions that provide services related to GNSS positioning and navigation. It was founded in March 2002 in Berlin – Germany. 12 countries from Central and Southeastern Europe, including the Republic of Macedonia, were present at the founding meeting.

The main goal of EUPOS is to facilitate the establishment and provide support in the functioning of the multi-functional systems of GNSS reference stations based on common standards as well as the creation of common products and services for potential users.

EUPOS acts as a pan-European organization of GNSS service providers, represents the common interest of its members and cooperates with other international organizations and scientific institutions operating in the field of GNSS technologies. More than 20 national agencies and institutions in the field of geodesy from Central and Southeastern Europe are members of EUPOS, including the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia.