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Topographic maps

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, among its other competences, is likewise competent for the preparation of topographic maps, the preparation of orthophoto maps / plans and for the management of the cartographic database. Topographic maps are prepared on the basis of a rich collection of spatial and attributive data that are available on the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

Depending on the scale in which they are prepared, topographic maps are classified as:

  • large scale, in scale 1:25000 and 1:50000,
  • medium scale, in scale 1:100000 and 1:200000 and/or 1:250000 and
  • small scale, , in scale 1.500000 and 1:1000000

The topographic maps are prepared and are available in digital form based on the data from the conducted survey in accordance with the cartographic standards. The data from the topographic maps according to the spatial data infrastructure are organized in a cartographic database in vector and raster formats divided into several thematic levels, and:

  • administrative areas,
  • land classification,
  • road infrastructure,
  • railway infrastructure,
  • hydrographic infrastructure,
  • small facilities,
  • topographic features and
  • text records

The digital cartographic data are organized according to the nomenclature of the topographic maps based on the scale.

The Agency has the authority to perform aerial recording every five years for the purpose of preparation of orthophoto maps / plans that represent the basis for updating the topographic maps. By updating the topographic maps, the data from the topographic maps are harmonized with the actual situation on the field.

The Agency prepares metadata for the topographic maps in accordance with the international standards for metadata that are publicly available on the NSDI portal.

The Agency is also responsible for the preparation of clear, thematic and school maps, clear map sheets, map issues, atlases, albums and models. These cartographic products referred to in the paragraph can also be prepared by other legal entities upon previously issued authorization by the Agency, on the basis of a submitted application. The data relating to the hydrographic, road and railway infrastructure, topographic features and administrative areas are obligatory in the preparation of all thematic maps.

The Agency has two types of topographic maps that are divided depending on the period when they were prepared, and they are old topographic maps prepared by the Military Geographical Institute in Belgrade and new topographic maps for the GIS of the Republic of Macedonia that are available in two languages, Macedonian and English.