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EU Project

The process of on-site data collection in 11 municipalities has been completed

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, within the IPA Programme, received financial support from the European Union for the project “Establishing the Graphical Register of streets and house numbers for on-site collection of graphical and attribute data for the streets and house numbers” for 11 municipalities in the Republic of North Macedonia (Bogovinje; Struga; Vevchani, Kumanovo, Shtip, Demir Hisar, Chashka, Makedonski Brod; Radovish; Kratovo; Valandovo).

The process of data collection is complete, i.e. the on-site data collection has been completed, as well as their topologic and attribute control, as well as their validation according to predefined criteria. The final implementation report is being prepared, and it will cover all of the performed activities. 

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre would like to express gratitude to the municipalities for their excellent cooperation and for timely informing the local population. In the future, AREC will continues with the activities for establishing the Graphical Register of streets and house numbers, which will serve as basis for establishing the Address Register, as the single source of address information in the Republic of North Macedonia, and again, the partnership and cooperation with the municipalities and the local population is going to be invaluable.