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“Digital Democracy Cooperation” Project

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Republic of North Macedonia and the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority – “Lantmäteriet” in 2018 were financially supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) for implementation of the project “Digital Democracy Cooperation”.

“Digital Democracy Cooperation”project goal is to contribute and influence the strengthening of the capacities of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Republic of North Macedonia, with developed business practices, enabled exchange of high-quality and updated digital data, via new and improved services in strengthened democracy, as well as contribute to continuous EU integration and improved conditions of life for all citizens in Macedonia.

The total amount of the donation is SEK (Swedish krona) 23 710 406 (approximately EUR 2.5 million).The Project will be implemented in the period 2019 – 2023 and is organized in five components:

  1. Establishing unique, accurate and sustainable Address Registry SystemIt will provide services, tools and data available to the municipalities, governmental organizations (Ministry of Interior, State Statistical Office, Central Registry and Crisis Management Centre), as well as the private and public sector.This will increase the citizens’ trust in governmental institutions, especially when sensitive topics are brought into question such as voting rights, right to property, access to public services and right to equal opportunity.
  2. Establishing, development and maintenance of modern geodetic infrastructureEstablishing modern geodetic infrastructure is a basis for exchange of geospatial data in the region with the EU countries.It will encourage use of modern technologies by increasing the efficiency of geodetic measurements, environmental protection, crisis management, scientific examinations, etc., thus generating accurate geospatial data of top quality in Republic of North Macedonia.
  3. Sustainable organization of the ICT Department within AREC.This Department supports great range of users (governmental organizations, notaries public, private geodetic companies, banks, municipalities, citizens, etc.).The project goal is to support AREC in the process of ensuring availability of services of great importance for the Macedonian society.The goal is to implement new technologies, standards and processes related to further development of the ICT Department.
  4. National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) will have updated, accurate and well-maintained spatial data via the national NSDI geoportal.
  5. Scanned and digitalized archive documents available via InternetAll documents of permanent value from the central and local AREC archives will be scanned, digitalized and available via AREC, thus ensuring faster and digitalized process for solving the Agency cases and the cases of the professional users as well.