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The competition of ideas


The INSPIRATION Project – Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Western Balkans launched a competition of ideas and opened the submission of a concept for a mash-up application that combines spatial web services for the region in the new application for additional values.
The implementation of the best ideas will be ensured by the INSPIRATION project.
The INSPIRATION project – Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Western Balkans announced the contest of ideas and the call for spatial applications that are based on the use of existing data and services, with the objective to raise awareness of spatial data at the regional INSPIRE forum held in Zagreb.
With the competition of ideas, the INSPIRATION project encourages citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo to send concepts for a mash-up application which are based on INSPIRE or on the national spatial data infrastructure.
The award includes financial support for the winners to participate at the European INSPIRE Conference in Florence next year, as well as experts for implementation of the best two ranked ideas. The objective of this competition is to raise awareness of the spatial data infrastructure in the region by direct involvement of the citizens and their ideas for spatial data. On one hand, the concept is to fill the gaps between the services provided by the public authorities, and on the other hand, the real needs and interests of citizens and society.
The establishment of the appropriate conditions for using existing and available data for other purposes is foreseen as one of the key features of the spatial data infrastructure, and consequently of INSPIRE.
With the competition of ideas, the project is looking for specific ideas for using and combining existing data to create a new, so-called mash-up service. The Mash-up is a web application that combines, unifies and visualizes two or more data sources in order to make the existing data useful and adaptable to the needs of the user. It is not required for all the data sources to be of the spatial theme, but at least one proposed by the competitor must be of spatial nature, preferably from the 34 spatial theme of INSPIRE.
This call refers solely to concepts and ideas. The competition does not include implementation of the ideas because that will be ensured by the project.
The call is open until 31 January 2013. The ideas for the mash-up application should be sent electronically via the following e-mail:
All interested participants which may have questions related to the participation, may use the following contact:
The INSPIRATION Project – Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Western Balkans ( is a regional project in several countries, funded by the European Union. The project has the objective to promote spatial data infrastructure (SDI), and coordinate its implementation in the Western Balkans, on the basis of the preparation of the user to meet the objectives of the EU INSPIRE Directive.