Completed projects » Strengthening of the capacities for implementation of the AREC strategic plan 2009-2012

Strengthening of the capacities for implementation of the AREC strategic plan 2009-2012

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida continues to support AREC’s development towards turning this institution into a modern and efficient institution competent for geospatial data and real estate rights, following the example of modern European cadastres.

Hence, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida has supported AREC in its efforts through providing additional assistance in the form of a donation by financing the ‘Capacity Building for the Implementation of the Strategic Plan of AREC 2009 – 2012’ Project.

The project aims to support AREC’s capacity in the fruition and implementation of the Strategic Business Plan of AREC 2009-2013.

The Project implementation period is 3 years, it started in November 2009 and the project’s finalization will be in December 2012.

The value of the project is SEK 26.033.400.

Project components:

  1. E-cadastre
  2. Geodesy
  3. Digital maps
  4. Effective Business Processes
  5. Human Resources Development


  • Implementing a system for maintaining alphanumerical cadastral data in Macedonia
  • Established database integrated in the e-cadastre
  • An e-cadastre roll-out plan implemented
  • Implementing an electronic front desk for electronically submitting applications from professional users
  • Introduced data dissemination system from AREC to the end users
  • Efficient business processes introduced

Functional cadastral maps system

  • WEBGIS – an integrated Internet service that allows viewing of AREC’s geospatial data and searching through real estate through graphical displaying of the location.
  • Introducing a functional editor for maintaining digital cadastral maps
  • Introducing a system for creating metadata for the establishment of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Defined spatial units


  • Introducing an active GNSS reference system – MAKPOS, which allows the use of modern satellite geo-positioning technology
  • Establishing an absolute gravimetric network
  • End User training for using the GNSS reference network

Effective Business Processes

  • Improved business planning
  • Introducing electronic payment of AREC’s products and services through POS terminals / bank cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Developing new business areas
  • General standardization of the work procedures
  • Developed data policy

Human Resources Development

  • Awareness amongst the staff of AREC’s business concept
  • Better trained staff in communicating with clients
  • Staff better motivated