Completed projects » Real Estate Cadastre and Registration – Kumanovo

Real Estate Cadastre and Registration – Kumanovo

The main objective of this Pilot Project was to create a modern and equipped office for registration of real property transactions, serving as a model for the other cadastre offices in RM which are envisioned to be renovated through the Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project, being currently implemented within the State Authority for Geodetic Works. This Pilot Project will also assist in developing a training program which can be used in the remaining cadastre offices in order to create quality services for the clients, raise the level of the organizational-managerial skills, improve the understanding of the staff on the modern registration and geodetic techniques, learn how to use computer equipment and software and train the staff which are making a transition in the private geodetic sector.

The reasons for selecting the Kumanovo office for implementation of this Pilot Project were:

  1. It is one of the busiest offices;
  2. It covers a large area comprised of urban and rural areas;
  3. Because of the capable staff which is eager to accept and implement  Reforms;
  4. Multi ethnic environment;
  5. The office is very close to the SAGW Headquarters;
  6. Existence of all three types of survey and cadastre (Inventory Cadastre , Land Cadastre and Real Estate Cadastre).

The implementation of the Pilot Project started in July 2005 and lasted for 15 months. The funds required for the implementation of the Pilot Project were donated by the Government of Netherlands. The funds were used to finance the following items:

  1. Renovation of the offices in the Kumanovo cadastre;
  2. Procurement of geodetic and IT equipment, including office furniture;
  3. Procurement of two vehicles;
  4. Consultant services;
  5. Study Tours;
  6. Project Performance Audit.

Based on the defined activities, the Terms of Reference for the Consultant company providing technical assistance and consultant services, were designed to:

  1. Improve the working environment through complete renovation of the offices and design specifications for new equipment, IT and Geodetic equipment;
  2. Improve the delivery of the services to the clients;
  3. Produce a Procedure Manual;
  4. Design and facilitate the Archive system;
  5. Strengthen the managerial perspective of the technical works, for example: analysis and reporting on the required strategy and recommendations for the IT System in the offices;
  6. Design and execute a training program for the Project Management, establishing a private surveying practice as well as technical training;
  7. Design methodology for implementation of the Public Awareness Campaign, including an Implementation Plan and design of pamphlets;
  8. Organize and conduct study tours for the SAGW management and employees.

The beneficiaries from this Project are the citizens of Macedonia, and above all the citizens from the Kumanovo area i.e. the citizens who are acquiring their needs for cadastre services in this office. Also, beneficiaries from this Project are the staff from the Kumanovo office by acquiring the required knowledge and skills for providing better services as well as the private users of cadastre data, like notaries, lawyers, private geodetic companies and state institutions using the cadastre data.

During the last World Bank supervision mission, held in the period from 30.10 till 04.11.2006, the Pilot Project was evaluated as very successful. Also, the Embassy of Netherlands has evaluated this Pilot Project as one of the most successful projects financed by the Government of Netherlands.