Completed projects » Production of a basic state map for the GIS

Production of a basic state map for the GIS

The maps are basic source of geo-spatial information and are one of the most important technical components in the process of management, drafting of development studies, planning projects, spatial data analysis, etc.

The implementation of the Project “Production of a basic state map for the GIS in Republic of Macedonia” has helped to overcome the situation with outdated topographic maps, which were continually used and produced by the Military-Geographic Institute from Belgrade in 1972.

The project support provided high level of updated maps and compatibility of the new topographic maps with the modern technical-technological directions in the cartography. The establishment of a cadastre production was very successful, which is a result of the mutual cooperation and the engagement of the JICA study team and the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre in the period from 2004-2006.