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The project aims to support national agencies for cadastre and geodesy in the countries of the region in the process of implementation of the INSPIRE Directive i.e. the establishment of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). The project will provide capacity with the objective to achieve technical interoperability between institutions, distribution of geo-data in electronic form, development of products and services for sharing of geo-data between the institutions in each country, among the countries in the region as well as with countries from the EU.

The budget of the project is supported by funds from the Swedish International Development Agency – SIDA in the amount of 38.900.000 Swedish crowns, part of the funds are to be provided by the partners in the project and the main carrier of the implementation of the project is the Swedish state authority for cartography, cadastre and registration of land – Lantmäteriet while junior partner is the State Geodetic Authority of Republic of Croatia.

The IMPULSE project is planned to be implemented in the period from 2014 to 2018.

Beneficiaries of the project are eight institutions from six countries in the region, as follows:

  • Immovable Property Central Registration Office of the Republic of Albania
  • National Authority for Geospatial Information in Albania
  • Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs of FBiH
  • Republic Authority for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska
  • Kosovo Cadastral Agency
  • Agency for the Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Real Estate Administration of the Republic of Montenegro
  • Republic Geodetic Authority of the Republic of Serbia

The project is designed in a total of six work packages, including:

  • Working Package 1 – Project Management and Administration
  • Working Package 2 – Data sharing policies and legislation
  • Working Package 3 – Data harmonization
  • Working Package 4 – Metadata and Quality Evaluation
  • Working Package 5 – Dissemination of information

o Services
o Portal(s)

  • Working Package 6  – Benefits:

o Demonstrations
o Implementation of pilot projects

The expected results of the project are: building specific competence for the staff in the institutions by preparing training programs, training and education, development of a communication strategy for the main stakeholders in the INSPIRE Directive and their increased awareness of the need to develop and share geo-data through services. The preparation and development of data sharing models, the development of the technical architecture of spatial data infrastructure and the harmonization of the data have the objective to build a common platform and cross-border cooperation between the countries in the region in the area of spatial data exchange.

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