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Global Map

Global mapping is an international collaborative initiative through voluntary participation of national mapping organizations of the world, aiming to develop globally homogeneous geographic data set at the ground resolution of 1km, and to establish concrete partnership among governments, NGOs, private sectors, data providers and users to share information and knowledge for sound decision-making.

The primary objective of the Global Map project is to contribute to the sustainable development through the provision of base framework geographic dataset, which is necessary to understand the current situation and changes of environment of the world.

The purpose of the Global Map is to accurately describe the present status of the global environment in international cooperation of respective National Mapping Organizations (NMOs) of the world.

Global Mapping is both a project and a process for developing a group of digital geographical information datasets. Global Map cover the whole land of the earth in 1 km ground resolution with consistent specifications and being available to everyone at marginal cost, by the cooperation among the voluntary participation of NMOs.

International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) has been playing a central role in the development of the Global Map data sets. It was established in February 13th,1996 in Tsukuba Japan by the participants of the Preparatory Meeting of the ISCGM, and its First Meeting was held in February 14th, 1996.

Global Map data set is applicable for:
1     Monitoring and early warning systems for natural disasters;
2     Monitoring and management of natural resources such as inland water,
land use/cover and land use/cover changes such as vegetation;
3     Assessment of the trends of environment changes such as desertification and deforestation;
4     Local, national and multi-national physical development planning;
5     Informed decision-making of policy makers with a strategic database.