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Sector for geomatics

Head of Sector: Mitko Lekoski, Graduated geodetic engineer
Telephone:(02) 3103 021


The Sector for geomatics performs activities related to the following:

  • Establishment, maintenance, management and development of graphical databases;
  • Quality control and confirmation of the data quality when preparing digital cadastre plans and their migration to the eKat system;
  • Preparation of standardized products based on geospatial data;
  • Establishment, maintenance, management and enabling public access to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure;
  • Creation, collection and publication of metadata;
  • Implementing standards for geospatial data and services in accordance with the European INSPIRE Directive;
  • Application of modern information systems in data management;
  • Keeping and maintaining a register of spatial units;
  • Establishment, management, maintenance and development of the Graphical register of streets and house numbers;
  • Establishment, management, maintenance and development of the Graphical register of construction land;
  • Establishment and maintenance of the cadastre of infrastructure facilities that stretch on the territory that is within the competence of two or more departments/ units;
  • Verification, approval and implementation of a geodetic report on infrastructure facilities;
  • Establishment, management and maintenance of register of prices;
  • Determining the methods for mass valuation of the real estate;
  • Carrying out the mass valuation of the real estate;
  • Indexing the value of the real estate per category and zoning;
  • Preparation of statistical, spatial and economic analyses of the real estate market;
  • Issuing consent for harmonization of the urban development plans or the urban planning documentation, with cadastral bases;