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Sector for geodetic works

Acting Head of Sector: Darko Burovski, Graduated geodetic engineer
Telephone: (02) 3103 083


The Sector for geodetic works performs activities related to the following:

  • Designing, establishing, maintenance and renewal of the geodetic reference networks;
  • Management and maintenance of the network of active GNSS stations (MAKPOS);
  • Setting parameters for transformation of coordinates from the Macedonian state coordinate system into the European ETRS89 coordinate system and vice versa;
  • Connecting the state geodetic reference networks with the geodetic reference networks from the neighbouring countries;
  • Conducting geodetic works for special purposes of significance to the Republic of Macedonia and established by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Conducting surveying, marking, maintenance and renewal of border marks and the border line of the state border of the Republic of Macedonia with the neighbouring countries;
  • Determining changes in the recorded manner of land use and the cadastral classes of land;
  • Production of digital topographic maps;
  • Production of special-purpose maps;
  • Production of orthophoto plans and orthophoto maps;
  • Scanning films from aerial imaging;
  • Acquisition of digital photogrammetric data and processing thereof;
  • Determining the fulfilment of the conditions for issuing an authorization for production of cartographic products;
  • Granting consent for putting cartographic products into use;
  • Collection, keeping and distribution of spatial data;
  • Archiving and keeping the technical documentation from the surveying and the land cadastre and the surveying and the real estate cadastre, of original geodetic plans, reports from basic geodetic works and the topographic maps;
  • Issuing data from the surveying and the land cadastre and the surveying and the real estate cadastre, including the cadastre of infrastructure facilities (data on the points from geodetic reference networks, data collected through surveying, data from the cadastre plans and plans of infrastructure facilities), topographic maps and other cartographic materials, data from the Register of spatial units, Graphical register of streets and house numbers, Graphical register of construction land, data from the mass valuation of real estate and other geodetic data.