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AREC organization

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre – AREC is managed by a Steering Board, comprised of five members, each representing the Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Transport and Communication, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply. The members of the Steering Board are appointed and discharged by the Government of Republic of Macedonia for a period of 5 years, without a right to a re-election.

The institutional organization and the performance of AREC emerges from its authorities stipulated by law, through allocation of the works and tasks according their type, scope, complexity and inter-connectivity.

The institutional organization of AREC provides:

  • Legitimate, professional, efficient, adequate, transparent, conscientious and on-time performance of works and tasks in compliance to the constitution and the law;
  • Independence and responsibility during the performance of the works and the tasks;
  • Personal and collective responsibility during performance of the assigned tasks resulting from each working position;
  • Proper delegation of the works, adequate to the working positions and monitoring of the performance;
  • Development and improvement of the team work;
  • Development and improvement of the strategies for training of the employees;
  • Use of modern work methods;
  • Service orientation towards the citizen and the companies;
  • Inter-cooperation between the organizational units in the agency and their cooperation with other bodies and organizations in the country and abroad, as well as their adaptability towards the responsibilities of the Agency stipulated by law and towards the needs of the citizen.