AREC Geoportal is available 24/7

AREC Geoportal is available 24/7

Dear users,

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Republic of Macedonia has published cadastral plans for all cadastre municipalities on the territory of Republic of Macedonia on its website which are regularly updated and available to the public.

Pursuant to the Law on Real Estate Cadastre, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre registers property (real estate) transactions on a daily basis, at the request of a particular party or ex officio.  At the same time, the alphanumerical data (property deed) and the graphic data (cadastral plan) are also updated in the database.

AREC updates its base related to the cadastral data for less than one hour.  This means that the cadastral data (property deed) and the cadastral plans are made available to the public immediately and free of charge via the AREC Portal (OSSP – One Stop Shop Portal) Data on the real estate (parcels, buildings) and the real estate right holders (their owners) can be searched by using the graphic display of the cadastral plans.

The Geoportal of Data and Services of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Republic of Macedonia (GPDS) provides data, information and services to the citizens and the professional users (private geodetic companies, notaries public, lawyers, municipalities, ministries, etc.). AREC offers equivalent of the One Stop Shop System via this system. The Portal offers information, data and services from the real estate cadastre, together with the electronic cadastre (eKAT), as well as the data from the Geodetic Cadastre Information System (GCIS). This system simplifies and quickens the information and data access and flow to all users.

AREC base is available 24/7 on the Internet for all legal entities and natural persons in the country and abroad.