Work meeting between the Director of AREC and the Minister of Transport and Communications

Work meeting between the Director of AREC and the Minister of Transport and Communications

Today, December 12, 2019 Boris Tundzev, Director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Republic of North Macedonia realized work meeting with Goran Sugareski, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The Minister and the Director talked about current topics and activities taken by AREC as a service for the citizens, about new legal amendments to the Law on Real Estate Cadastre, as well as the forthcoming activities related to legalization, in which the citizens show the greatest interest.

Upon the work meeting, the Minister Sugareski and the Director Tundzev gave press releases and answered series of questions mostly related to the new possibility for legalization of illegally constructedbuildings in our country.

Minister Sugareski informed that the announced new Law on legalisation of illegally constructed buildings by October 2019 is still being defined.It will be soon submitted to the Government; however, it will not create urban chaos by allowing legalization of all buildings, but only to the ones meeting the conditions.Once again he denied the speculations that the new law will create total urban chaos.

Tundzev, Director of AREC said that the existing law implemented decisions on legalization of 245 544 buildings.He expects the new law on legalization to enable moving forward in the legalization of infrastructure facilities.So far, very low percentage of such facilities has been registered, and it would be for the benefit of those having infrastructure facilities, starting from the electro-energetic companies, companies for telecommunication services and other professional companies having their own infrastructure.