The future of geodetic profession visiting AREC

The future of geodetic profession visiting AREC

Today, May 6, the future colleagues – surveyors visited the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Republic of North Macedonia. The students from the department of geodesy at the Faculty of Civil Engineering within “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje, led by professor Srbinovski and professor Dimov, learned how AREC functions, the Agency structure in the legislative system of the country, its competences, i.e. the operations that AREC performs.

Afterwards, the students also learned how several departments function within the Agency, which are of crucial importance for the future surveyors i.e. where the future surveyors can further develop their capabilities and even get a job in the future.

In the Sectorfor Geomatics within the Department for Graphic registry of construction land and establishment and administration of a Cadastre of infrastructure objects as part of the real estate cadastre, the operation of the Department was also explainedin detail to the future surveyors.

Furthermore, in the Sector for Geodetic Works, in the Department for Cartography and Photogrammetry, the way of their functioning was presented to the students, especially to the ones who would work as surveyors in these departments. The students were also introduced with the Macedonian Positioning System (MAKPOS), its structure and functioning.

This interesting visit was of great importance for the future colleagues and an exceptional opportunity to combine the theoretical knowledge with the practical work.